Business Transformation Summit 2020

The Business Transformation celebrates its 5th edition in 2020, taking place on 8th October, at the Lx Factory, inspired by the theme “Greatness”.
How to move from effectiveness to greatness? How to create cultures of great confidence? How to develop great leaders and extraordinary productivity in people, teams and organisations?
The first speaker is already been confirmed: Kory Kogon, the Global Practice Leader for Organisational Development at Franklin Covey. She is one of the authors of the Wall Street Journal bestseller “The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity” and has more than 25 years of experience in business, during which she has incorporated a unique perspective with a holistic view of organisational development.
More confirmations and news coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Lisbon, Portugal

Frankfurt, Germany

Paris, France

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Feedback from previous editions

The themes were very relevant and crucial to the future of business in terms of robots, innovation and digitalisation. The speakers brought a very knowledgeable and interesting point of view. I really enjoyed the event.

Sandra Passos

I really enjoyed Martin Lindstrom's presentation about the importance of Big Data, in a much more human and much more focused perspective, on what we are as human beings. I really liked the way it was presented.

Duarte Abreu

It was very interesting, especially the connection between the various presentations. I didn't know Prof. Manuela Veloso very well and in fact it was a great pride to have this lady as a speaker at the event and representing Portugal in the USA.

Miguel Faro Viana
<Infraestruturas de Portugal/>

It was an extremely interesting event, full of dazzling conferences and fantastic speakers. I highlight the approach they took and the focus they gave to the human component, extremely important and full of possibilities in this era of technology, which will allow us, for example, to have numerous new professions in the future.

Paula Guerra

As a retail company, our big mission is to focus on the customer; therefore, understanding the transformation of the customer experience is very important. We also know that people are at the heart of our company, so as HR, my interest also goes through understanding the Employer Experience.

Patrícia Ferreira
<Leroy Merlin/>

I really enjoyed the contact with new and fresh visions on the area of talent attraction and talent retention. It was an incredible experience, I really liked it.

Inês Pedro

I particularly liked the first presentation, the approach around innovation and technology, as this is an area that interests me and that makes a real contribution to our daily work.

Conceição Martins

It was very inspiring! We talk a lot about Big Data, but we need to change the mindset, because we don't need to have most customers asking for something to make sense to implement it.

Cláudia Gomes
<OLX Portugal/>

The event presented very interesting topics that compelled us to reflect on how companies can become more digital when it comes to their HR. This is an event where we can network with people who work in the same area and meet colleagues, so congratulations to CEGOC for this fabulous event!

Ana Mendes

Previous Editions

On October 8th, we’ll debate "Impact"!