Business Strategy and Growth Acceleration

In this world of exponential change and hyper competition you need new answers for lasting success. It’s no longer enough to have a sound business strategy, an attractive product and a flawless operation. What you really need is a new type of organisation. An organisation with an appealing purpose. An organisation that demonstrates it understands what the true capital of its business is: its employees, its know how and its customers. An organisation that consistently over delivers on its promise and, at the same time, is heavily focused on agile innovation, continuous professionalization and accelerated growth. In a hybrid organisation model with a dual operating system. That’s the 7-star organisation. An appealing and fast growing organisation that is successful and future proof by design.


  • The Growth Imperative: why accelerated growth is a must for every business
  • Creating your Winning Business Strategy: the three crucial questions you need to answer
  • The 7-Star Organisation: the key characteristics of a future proof organisation
  • The Growth Spiral: eight easy steps to build your own 7-Star Organisation
  • Moonshot Goals, Critical Decisions, 90 Day Plans and a bunch of A-players: the key building blocks to get and keep your ‘Growth Machine’ in motion

Get inspired by an appealing vision for the future of organisations.

Get equipped with the right knowledge and insights to build your own 7-star organisation.

Get kick started on your own 7-star journey.


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