The SPEED of TRUST: The One Thing That Changes Everything

In the context of increasing market demands, deadlines, and unrelenting pressure to perform; it’s never been more important for leaders to keep sight of the fact that work gets done with and through people—and there’s nothing more impactful on people, their work, and their performance, than Trust.Trust is not merely a soft, social virtue; rather, trust is a pragmatic, hard edged, economic, and actionable asset that you can create. There is a compelling business case for Trust – because Trust always impacts two measurable outcomes: speed and cost.


So, how do you develop a culture where your people and teams have the ability to execute with incredible speed; where systems and structures are fully aligned to foster innovation, confidence, and loyalty; and where leaders and teams continually deliver results in an environment of constant change? The answer is by Leading at the Speed of Trust and creating a high-trust culture.


In this workshop Gary will help participants learn and apply the two principles that every leader, team, and organization must know in order to intentionally create trust – which will increase speed and decrease costs, leveraging your culture for “different-in-kind” performance.


About The Speaker


Gary Judd is the Practice Leader of FranklinCovey’s Global Speed of Trust Practice, and his impressive experience as a CEO, President, COO, and executive strategy advisor to numerous leading enterprises brings a rare business acumen and proven perspective to FranklinCovey clients.

Gary’s engaging presentation style makes him a requested presenter, workshop leader, and executive advisor – he is able to lead even rival factions to a common cause and align them to dramatically and rapidly benefit from the Speed of Trust. Gary has led leadership development initiatives at several leading Fortune 500 clients as well as rapidly growing mid-size and large organisations, including Marriott Corporation, Shell Oil, Conoco, Ingalls Shipbuilding, Marriott Management Services, The Disney Company, University of Texas Medical Branch, and numerous smaller organisations.

Before joining FranklinCovey, Gary consulted numerous start-up companies, was CEO of Financial Freedom International, President and Chief Operating Offi cer of an Inc. 500 company (CableLink), served as CEO of Inside Out Development, and led Covey Leadership Center’s Time Management Division as well as their Business Development efforts. He also comanaged the redesign of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® participant materials and facilitator manual.

On October 14th and 15th, we’ll debate "Impact"!