Superhuman – How converging transhumanist technologies will change everything

For Zoltan Istvan, transhumanism is a social movement, one made up of people who want to use science and technology to upgrade the human body and human experience. Indeed, the transhumanists see their primary goal as “overcoming death”, adding technology to their bodies and replacing parts artificially or even merge with machines down the line. But how will technology in our Bodies make us ‘more than human’… Superhuman?

  • Converging transhumanist technologies: How they are going to radically change every industry in the next decade (AI, driverless cars, genetic editing, exoskeleton technology, robots, virtual reality, augmented reality, brain wave headsets, chip implants, bionics…).
  • How the general public and companies often underestimate how impactful the technology will be: Whether it’s brain wave headsets that allow us to connect in real time to the cloud, driverless cars that act as our chauffeurs and personal advisors, and holographic imaging via skype or machine intelligence driven recordings.
  • These technologies are all already here – or will be here in the next 2 years – and they will change business, marketing and consumerism dramatically.
  • How some companies are already making money off these radical technologies and hope to accelerate making profits in the future.
  • The future of the economy and the human being in a world filled with technologies that challenge everything about being human.


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